21 Days & 21 Ways to Sugar-freedom

KICK START YOUR own sugar-free journey with the help of this 'complete at your own pace' course.

Each day for 21 days, there is inspiration and support for you to access in the form of...

  • A daily video which was recorded LIVE on Facebook during a 2020 3 week challenge
  • An audio recording with the day's top tip; a small bite-size piece of information about sugar-free living to ponder and implement
  • An affirmation for the day to encourage you and keep you going
  • A delicious, nutritious recipe for you to try

Plus there is information packed introductory module that includes:

  • An 'I love my awesome body' creative visualisation
  • A downloadable printable series of affirmation cards
  • A video about how to create a powerful affirmation
  • Some popular affirmation for you to download

After 21 days you will be well on the way to...

  • Breaking the sugar-full habit
  • Dealing with cravings
  • Making some new sugar-free habits
  • Discovering a new way of preparing meals without sugar and processed carbohydrates
  • Feeling super chuffed with yourself and the progress you have made
  • Knowing how to make these new habits into a sustainable lifestyle change

Here's what some participants have said... 

'This is a little gem Carol - thank you so much for this generous offering' - M.B. Switzerland

'Thanks for taking the time to make this course and gather all sorts of information! It's great, not only because of the food information but also the psychological aspect' - MvdB

'The course is great for both beginners and to enforce habits for those already traveling the journey' - DW

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