'Make a Bid for Sugar-freedom' - 4 Freebies in One Place!

Welcome to your sugar-free journey. Perhaps you have no clue how to start on your own unique sugar-free journey, so I have put together a few freebies to get you off the blocks and I have also shared a video telling my own story.

Also don't forget to pop along and join my free Facebook community, it's a lovely safe space for support and sharing.

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Join 'My Sugar-free journey' Free Facebook Community

I was addicted to sugar and now over 3 years later I feel such a sense of sugar-freedom!

If you want to beat the habit too then come and join my community of sugar-freedom seekers, it is a kind and supportive place, full of recipes and holistic, natural tips and techniques for you to take your first steps towards sugar-freedom.

You can join HERE

Starting your Sugar-free Journey

In this 11 page downloadable PDF you get lots of tips and inspiration to get you started on your sugar-free journey. I have included:

  • Tops tips to make it a little easier
  • Food to add-in for extra nourishment
  • A fridge poster to inspire you to keep going
  • Meal swap ideas
  • Snack ideas
  • Positive affirmations for a great mindset
  • Tips on what to do when you 'fall off the wagon'

Enjoy and don't forget to pop along and join my free Facebook group 'My Sugar-free Journey' HERE

Truly Sugar-free Desserts

I created this 'FREEBIE' and these three delicious desserts because I was frustrated by the shortage of tasty, truly sugar-free dessert recipes out there.

These desserts are all naturally sweet, they don't contain syrups, sugars or sweeteners of any kind. I used only whole, unprocessed fruit to make them delicious and nutritious. They also contain no flour or processed carbohydrates of any kind. ENJOY

...and don't forget that for support you can pop over and join my free Facegroup group 'My Sugar-free Journey' HERE

What's your next Step?

So you've got started, you've found your way to my free group, you may even have chatted with me so how can you start to make sugar-free living sustainable?

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