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Start your Sugar freedom Journey - Resource Bundle

In this course bundle I have put 3 courses that give you everything you need to get started.

1. Five Keys to Sugar-freedom, this introduces my unique, natural, slow body approach

Feeling addicted to sugar can honestly feel like a prison of food obsession and intense cravings, I know, I was trapped in that world for decades.

In these 5 video classes class recorded live on Facebook, I will talk about the principle keys that I use, and explain to all my clients,  foundation for life-long sugar-freedom.

I share how you can turn the key for yourself to find sugar-freedom.

  • This is a healing journey not a diet
  • This is about nourishment not deprivation
  • Understanding what your body recognises as sugar
  • This journey is not personal it is biochemical
  • Sugar-free is different to sugar-freedom

2. 21 Days and 21 Ways to Sugar-freedom course.

Are you stuck on your sugar-free journey and need to get some momentum going? This 3 week course could really support you with everything you need to pick up the pace. 

21 videos, 21 audios, 21 recipes and 21 affirmations means 21 days closer to sugar-freedom!

3. What to Eat! 80+ Vegan and Vegetarian Recipes

Finding truly sugar-free recipes can be difficult in a world dominated by the white stuff, even 'healthy' recipes can be packed with maple syrup, date syrup and honey which for many recovering sugar addicts can still keep us hooked.

My recipes contain no sweeteners apart from that from the whole fruit, so no syrups, no honey and certainly nothing artificial. 

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